8 Smart Strategies To Pass A Math DSST Exam Program


By DSST Credit by Exam Program

There’s a lot of work that goes into a DSST exam. Preparing for a comprehensive test on your own requires a lot of discipline, and there is no shortage of great study resources available to students with all types of learning styles.

But what do you do when you’re in the room with a math test in front of you? The good news is that math is a cumulative discipline. To thoroughly prepare for whatever math curveballs are thrown your way, try these smart strategies designed to keep you focused and organized during a DSST exam, and you’ll be in great shape to pass in no time. 

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How To Shorten Your Time To A Degree

How To Shorten Your Time To A Degree

By DSST Credit by Exam Program

A college degree is more important to job seekers and career changers than ever before. If you’re like most students, you already know that – but you also know college tuition costs are expected to continue to rise.

Aside from taking advantage of the many distance learning activities available to students – including earning credits by exam – the surest way to shorten the time it takes to earn your degree is to make sure you’re focusing on the right things at the right time. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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Answers to 13 Testing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Answers to 13 Testing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

When you first started college, you knew there would be tests. You figured you would study, take the exam and earn your grade. Doesn’t seem all that hard, right?

Then it came time to register for your first midterm. You discovered just how many credit-by-exam options there are, and you remember seeing something about taking tests at home.

You thought you knew it all, but now you realize there's more to learn. Maybe you do not have time to search for the answers. Perhaps you feel your questions are too simple and silly, or that you just don’t know where to start or who to talk to. If you feel lost or confused by test formats, examination programs or proctoring services, we’re here to help.

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10 Signs You Have More College-Level Knowledge Than You Think

10 Signs You Have More College-Level Knowledge Than You Think

Are you consulted as an expert in your industry? Are you a respected hobbyist in a specific field? Or is your resume just full of skills, expertise and experiences? If so, you may be able to translate that knowledge into college credit.

All too often, students think that only the courses they take sitting in a classroom will transfer as college credit. However, transfer credit can include professional licenses and certifications, military training and professional training. You can also earn credit through exams and portfolio assessment. Explore your transfer credit options so you do not have to put your life and career on hold by taking a course that, chances are, you already know everything about (and could probably teach!) Your goal is our goal – to finish your college degree – and the more options you have, the quicker you’ll get there.

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Beginner’s Guide: 7 Essential Ways to Transfer College Credits

If you could finish your degree in half the time – without sacrificing work and family commitments - would you be interested?

Transferring credit is the secret to finishing your degree on time, or even earlier than expected. Applied to your degree program from previously earned credit, transfer credits may come from community colleges and other 4-year institutions you attended, military training you completed, current licenses and certifications you already hold as part of your profession, and more. These existing credits are included in your customized academic evaluation, a valuable tool to help determine what courses you have left to take. That means no duplicating the same course twice. No registration confusion. No delaying your degree. So to reach your degree goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, take advantage of these 7 essential ways to transfer the college credit you deserve.

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How to Prepare for a DSST Exam in 8 Easy Steps

By DSST Credit by Exam Program

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take a DSST exam, a test that will help you advance your college education without breaking the bank on tuition costs. Now that you’ve taken the leap you’re probably wondering…how do I get started? Do not fear! This quick step-by-step guide will help you prepare in no time!

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7 Credit-by-Exam Myths BUSTED

7 Credit-by-Exam Myths BUSTED

Even though credit-by-exams programs like TECEP®, CLEP and DSST have been around for years, students still have many misconceptions about them.  All I have to do is read the textbook and I’ll pass the test, they say. I already know everything about the subject so I don’t have to study, they claim.

But, for most students, these statements couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any other test, credit-by-exam programs require preparation, including a study plan to familiarize yourself with the format, timing and possible essay requirements. So if you’ve already registered or ever plan to take an exam for credit and think it will be easy, then test-takers, consider these 7 busted myths your reality check:

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Scared of Math? 5 Considerations to Overcome Math Anxiety

5 Considerations to Overcome Math Anxiety

By Todd Siben

Concerned about the math requirements in your degree? Perhaps it’s been 20 years - or more - since you studied math. Depending on your degree program, fulfilling your math requirement may not be as difficult as you think.

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Credit-by-Exam: Colleges’ Best Kept Secret


For most college students, the path to earning credit typically involves several weeks of listening to lectures, taking notes, completing assignments and passing a mid-term and final exam.

But if you could earn that credit in less time and at a fraction of the cost of taking a formal course, would you be interested? There would be no assignments to complete and no lectures or classes to attend, just a test to pass.

Sounds like a dream come true? It’s actually a method that’s been used for decades.

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5 Powerful Pearls of Wisdom From Our Students and Alumni for 2014


Juggling family and career responsibilities can be quite the balancing act. Add schoolwork and it may seem overwhelming. But it is possible. Looking back upon this past year, we’ve seen students overcome insurmountable odds and brave new challenges to fulfill their educational goals and dreams.

With every New Year come new resolutions and new ambitions, and our students offer some of the most encouraging and invaluable suggestions to usher in 2014 as the year of accomplishments. Here are powerful quotes from our awe-inspiring past, present and future graduates on motivation, leadership, passion and everything in between.

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