Testing, Testing: Is Credit-by-Exam for You?

testing, testing: Is Credit By Exam For You

By Emily Carone

TECEP® exams and other credit-by-exam programs are the most efficient way for students to earn credit. If you have some prior knowledge or experience in a subject area and think you are an independent learner, you might be a good candidate for this exam method of course completion. And you can feel confident that TECEP® exams will fulfill your degree requirements, just like the College’s online courses.

The best thing about earning credit this way is the ease and flexibility of the process. You do not need to follow a rigid course schedule, prepare assignments by due dates or participate in online discussions. All you need to do is show up on a test date, which you select, and (of course) be prepared to take a comprehensive final exam.

Another appealing feature of testing is the grading system. Credit-by-exam grades are pass/fail only and do not affect your grade point average. Because of this, you only need to demonstrate that you know the subject matter to earn the credit.

So why don't all students decide to earn credit through testing?

There's one big reason: not everyone can successfully work in an unstructured environment. Deciding to earn college credit by preparing for an exam that covers a semester's worth of content means you have to be self-motivated and disciplined. There are no deadlines and there is no mentor to answer your questions or provide feedback. This approach is exactly what appeals to many busy adult students who have competing demands on their time and who prefer to work independently without any interactions with a mentor or other students.

Does this sound like you? If you think you can establish and follow your own study preparation schedule, you should consider "testing out" and try the credit-by-exam method of earning college credit.

TECEP® is the College’s own testing program. The exams are developed by the College’s mentors in order to help our students fulfill their degree requirements.

Students can earn credit using several other credit-by-exam programs available, such as the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DSST exams.


Learn more about TECEP® and other credit-by-exam programs accepted at Thomas Edison State College.




Written by Emily Carone

Emily is the Assistant Director of the Center for the Assessment of Learning and has been at the College for 39 years. She earned a BA from Douglass College, Rutgers University. Connect with her via email at ecarone@tesc.edu.

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Posted Thursday, November 29, 2012