Stark Notes: Now That You Have Applied, What’s Next?

Jennifer L. Stark

Jennifer L. Stark, Assistant Director of Academic Records and Registration

By Jennifer L. Stark
Assistant Director of Academic Records and Registration

Once you have submitted your Application for Admission and arranged to have your official transcripts sent to the College or are newly enrolled, you may need some guidance on the next stages. Just getting started can be the toughest part, but the Thomas Edison State College staff are here every step of the way to offer the support and flexibility you need to complete your degree program.

Once you have applied or enrolled, here’s what to expect next:

  • After completing your College Application and submitting your transcripts, an academic evaluation is performed by the College to determine how many credits you need to complete your degree requirements. Many students think that the evaluation process begins from the time their transcripts arrive in the Office of the Registrar, though this is an important step, the evaluation process actually begins after our receipt of your College Application.
  • The College’s benchmark for completion of your Academic Evaluation is within 20 business days. Once your evaluation is completed, you will receive an e-mail from our office directing you to review this document through your Online Student Services (OSS) account.
  • While you are waiting for your Academic Evaluation, we recommend that you apply for employer tuition assistance, relevant scholarships and financial aid, if applicable. You can also arrange your Annual Enrollment Fee payment with the Office of the Bursar or use the time to familiarize yourself with the enrollment requirements of your degree program.
  • Once you receive your Academic Evaluation, review it thoroughly to see where your previous credits have been applied and what remaining credits you will need to take to complete your degree.
  • If you need guidance in selecting courses that will fulfill your remaining credits, contact the Office of Advisement. In order to keep your advisement consultations as productive as possible, it’s best to make this appointment after you have had a chance to review your Academic Evaluation.
  • To make an appointment with our advising staff, visit the College’s homepage at and click on “Current Students” and choose “Advisement” from the dropdown menu. You may also schedule an appointment through myEdison® once you have officially enrolled by clicking the “Help” icon at the top of the page, the “Submit a Ticket” link on the resulting page and choosing “Academic Advisement” from the departmental drop down menu. You and your academic advisor can then begin selecting courses that best suit your program plan.
  • You can view the College’s various course formats by visiting the College’s homepage at, clicking on “Academics” and “Taking Courses.” Keep in mind when reviewing the online course syllabus that some requirements may change once your course is officially underway.

Once you have selected your courses, you can register for them anytime via Online Student Services, by phone: (609) 633-9242 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. EST or via fax: (609) 292-1657. The staff at Thomas Edison State College strives to put our students first. We focus our programs, procedures and academic mission on the needs of self-directed adults like you and we are here to provide as much assistance as you need to successfully attain your educational goals.

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Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013